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Degree Program

The belt & certification program also known as the Degree Program, is our most popular program here at ASMA.   The Degree program accepts the young and mature alike – everyone ages 3 to “life”.   Our Degree Program is about more than obtaining ones 1st , 2nd or 3rd Degree Black Belt Rank.  Parents find in this program the perfect complement to their child’s development especially in the areas of discipline, confidence and overall performance.   Adult students have found in this program the best way to release, lose weight, and overcome physical shortcomings, ailments and challenging life situations. 


For more about the specific benefits of the Degree Program click on the following links: 


Degree Programs: Children/Youth

Degree Programs: Teens/Adults 


Matriculated ASMA students learn the Martial Arts and gain all the benefits of the Martial Arts as they advance through a formal belt promotion and certification system, in accordance with the Rudo Ryu Curriculum (see description below).  Pre-Black Belts (white through brown belts) are tested on the last Saturday of each month and are eligible for promotion to the next belt color rank every three months.  Upper level (1st Kyu) Brown Belts are evaluated, then recommended for Black Belt candidacy.  Black Belts and Beyond are awarded increased training privileges and test less frequently, generally no more than once per year.   

An official ASMA training uniform (gi) & white belt are included with enrollment.  Students also gain access to the online Student Center after their first training class. 





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