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The acronym for our name Amethyst School of Martial Arts also is a Swahili name which means “higher, more exalted one”.  The yin and yan form symbolizes the opposites in life which put together gives us balance. 
The Olive Branches
The two olive branches represent that we are surrounded by peace.   Peace is the state of mind which we strive to maintain even in the turmoil of life’s battle. 
The Circles
The patch has two circles – an inner circle protected by an outer circle.  The circle itself represents continuity – having no end.  The outer circle represents the stronger members of the Rudo Ryu family (our black belts) protecting the inner circle which represents the family’s beginners (our under ranks).  Our symbols are placed in both circles which means that we, both black belts and under ranks, should defend and protect our school and system at all times.
The Patch Colors
There are seven colors in our patch. The number seven symbolizes creation.  Each color has its own significance explained as follows:
1) Amethyst – sincerity, power, protection and healing
2) Gold – because we are kings and queens, having inherent greatness
3) Black – nature’s strength
4) Silver – our inner self shining forth
5) Green – fertility, reproductivity
6) Yellow – prosperity
7) Red – blood shed in achieving our goals
The Patch Symbols
The words “Rudo Ryu Jiu Jitsu” are formed in the shape of an eye to show that all students of Rudo Ryu should always look out for one another and let the world see the beauty of our system whenever they see us workout.
The cross symbolizes the conquering of life over death, good over evil and love over hate.
The “A” and the “S” is for “Amethyst School” and “Achieving Success”
The writing under the “A” and the “S” is the term “Martial Arts” in Amharic script.  Amharic is the written and spoken language of Ethiopia. 
The symbol of the two figures executing the jiu jitsu throw with one hand joining both figures shows the beauty and greatness that can be attained when we work together as a unit. 
The rays of light emanating from “the eye of the Rudo Rudo Jiu Jitsu” take our system to all corners of the world


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