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At ASMA, our Martial Arts style, philosophy, culture and curriculum are altogether identified as Rudo Ryu Jiu Jitsu.   With the exception of the Curriculum, each aspect of Rudo Ryu Jiu Jitsu is explained below to give you a full understanding of how it this system distinguishes ASMA from other Martial Arts schools.  The Rudo Ryu Curriculum is detailed under Our Programs due to its relevance within that section.      


RUDO RYU – The Style 


The style of Martial Arts which best describes Rudo Ryu is modern Jiu Jitsu.  Jiu Jitsu,which  by definition means flexibility or adaptability is what the Japanese call the foundation Martial Art practiced in most eastern cultures.  Rudo Ryu Jiu Jitsu trademark consists of short combinations of strikes in a rhythmic pattern using the entire body as an arsenal for close range defense.   


RUDO RYU – Philosophy 


Rudo – Love  

Ryu – Style, Methodology or System  

Jiu Jitsu – Flexibility & Adaptability  

Rudo Ryu teaches that “Rudo or Love” begins with the love of self and that self-love proceeds one’s ability to develop knowledge, spirituality, confidence, character, discipline, physical fitness, strength, wisdom, wealth, success and strong relationships, hence overcoming the non-physical battles we are often faced with in our lives.  “Tough Love” is often used when one goes astray but within the Rudo Ryu system it is used to bring out the greatness hidden within each of us. 


Love’s Way of Fighting  

On the dojo we train out of love toughening and challenging our teammates to go beyond their physical limits because we want them to be prepared at any given time for spontaneous challenge.  

On the streets we fight out of love – the love that makes us want to protect ourselves and our loved ones in the face of threat.  We do not train to make or prove ourselves infallible or more powerful than others as this is not love but egoism. Any use of the Rudo Ryu techniques for intimidation of and/or aggression towards others without cause is not a demonstration of self love. We must love ourselves because only then will we love others and overcome our temptation to behave predatorily – again a negative result of egoism.  


The development of self-love decreases the probability of encountering situations where fighting will be necessary as you ward off trouble by your mere auora of authority and confidence. What we love we always protect, hence that self love which Rudo Ryu epitomizes, will convey to a potential predator that you are protected mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.  

With its basis on love we discover through Rudo Ryu that Martial Arts is not just a sport but a much needed part of our existence for we love that which brings us fulfillment. Hence we become encouraged to continue in the Martial Arts for the remainder of our existence.